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IDEM - Lippert


Preliminary Findings Regarding an Air Permit for Lippert Components, Inc., Plant 46in LaGrange County, No.: F087-37915-00084. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has received an application from Lippert Components, Inc., Plant 46at3625 N. SR 9, Howe, IN  46746. The application and IDEM’s preliminary findings are available at:

LaGrange Cty Public Library

203 W. Spring St

LaGrange. IN 46761


Northern Regional Office

300 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Suite 450

South Bend, IN 46601-1295

The preliminary findings are available on the Internet at:

You may comment during the Public Notice.  You may request that IDEM hold a public hearing.  If a public hearing or meeting is held, IDEM will make a separate announcement of the date, time, and location of that hearing or meeting.  Comments and supporting documentation, or a request for a public hearing should be sent in writing to IDEM at the address below.  If you comment via e-mail, please include your full U.S. mailing address so that you can be added to IDEM’s mailing list to receive notice of future action related to this permit.  If you do not want to comment at this time, but would like to receive notice of future action related to this permit application, please contact IDEM at the address below.  Please refer to permit number F087-37915-00084 in all correspondence.  Comments should be sent to:

Neelu Kalita

IDEM, Office of Air Quality

100 North Senate Avenue

MC 61-53 IGCN 1003

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251

(800) 451-6027, ask for extension (317) 233-8288

Or dial directly: (317) (317) 233-8288

Fax: (317) 232-6749 attn: Neelu Kalita

E-mail: your email

For additional information please see the preliminary findings.

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