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Habitat home under construction

Family came. Friends came. Volunteers who met Alison Phillips for the first time came. All had one purpose: to help a family in need of affordable housing.

LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity’s thirty-first family saw their house rise in two days from a concrete slab to a house with roof rafters in place awaiting sheeting and roofing shingles.

“I have been thrilled to be involved in such a great cause. The volunteers that have come on site to help have been awesome,” recently named executive director John Sisson commented. “Each one has their own set of talents and gifts that contribute to the building of a new home. I am excited to get through this first build and start working on plans for the next one. “

Nearly forty volunteers participated—12 on Friday and more than 40 on Saturday. Some pounded nails, some carried lumber, some wielded a broom, some provided lunch. New skills were learned. New friendships were forged. Prayers were offered. At the end of the day on Saturday, a LaGrange County Family had the shell of a house and a nearly complete storage shed.

“I am so happy, and I can’t express enough what a wonderful community we have,” Phillips mused at the end of the day.

Construction continues November 1, 7, 8, 15 and 21 at the site at 2145 S 435 E, LaGrange. Volunteers are always welcome. Call 260-463-8519 for more information.