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Westview to seek project quotes

The Westview School Board gave the go-ahead to administrators to bring quotes back for several large projects across the corporation.

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), will be asked to take a look at the projects and bring back quotes to the board’s March meeting. These include new boilers, water heaters, air handling equipment, LED lighting upgrades throughout the corporation, and air-conditioning for the high school competition gymnasium. The board was told that the rough estimate for all of the projects would be around $3.5 million. Superintendent Randy Zimmerly told the board that the AC for the gym would be around $150,000, lower than other schools who are installing AC into their gyms, as Westview already has air handlers in place.

“Are these things we need to do? Yes,” Zimmerly told the board. “We haven’t neglected them, but we feel we can do these now.”

No decision to approve any specific project was asked for, as the district will wait to see what numbers PSI brings back in March.

The board did approve a new phone system for the district, to be installed this spring and activated in June. The Cisco-based system will cost the district $165,000 over the next six years. The board was told that if the corporation stayed with the current system, it would run close to $302,000 over the same time period due in part to monthly fees and equipment purchases.

A third option was also discussed and would have cost around $287,000. That system, the board was told, also included more features than the school would need.