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Westview holds to no tax rate increase

The budget order for 2018 was presented to the Westview School Board Thursday evening, the first budget with the general operating levy passed last November by district voters.

The board was told that the district’s assessed value increased by 6.1 percent. The district’s total levy increased by 5.9 percent, $455,843, to $8.2 million. Numbers also show that due to the drop in the district’s debt service levy, Westview will have $1.9 million more available for general fund obligations.

The board was also informed that even with the levy increase, the total school tax rate in 2018 dropped by over half a cent, from 74.85 cents to 74.22 cents. Therefore, properties that do not see any assessed value increases will actually see their school levy rate drop this year.

The school district will also see an additional levy of $106,125.