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Westview approves teachers’ agreement

The Westview School Board approved the negotiated agreement with the Westview Education Association, which includes a 2 percent increase to the compensation model. The board was told that this does not mean each teachers gets a 2 percent increase, but that the overall model increases by that amount.

The board also approved a classified wage scale and driver rate increase of 2 percent.

Administration pay rates were increased by 2 percent. It was noted that this does not include the superintendent.

The board took time to thank the public for their support of the referendum last week, which passed with over 90 percent voting “yes.” Superintendent Randy Zimmerly told the senior government students attending Thursday’s meeting that the amount of support was “because of what you do. The reason the community thinks we do a good job is because you do a good job.”

Board President Gerald Lee added that with the passage of the referendum, the board doesn’t have to worry about the “horror stories if it didn’t pass.”