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Terry Andrews named Citizen of the Year

Terry Andrews of Howe was named the 2017 LaGrange County Citizen of the Year, joining a long list of distinguished residents honored for their work in the community.

Andrews said she was very honored to receive the recognition Wednesday evening at Corn School.

In announcing the award, emcee Brad Targgart noted that “some past honorees are prominent members of the community, belonging to numerous organizations, and serving as visible spokespersons for their causes and events. This year’s honoree is far different – she goes about the community with a smiling countenance and a cheerful disposition.”

Andrews was described by those who nominated her as “a helper, a giver, teacher and friend.” Andrews runs the Craft Day Preschool in Howe, beginning in 2001 after operating a preschool at a church for nine years prior to that. When asked about the number of kids whose lives she has touched over the years, Andrews could only say, “I couldn’t tell you.”

Andrews’ work in the community goes beyond her preschool, helping to raise funds to assist families with medical or other financial needs. “Her charity knows no bounds, and is done quietly and often anonymously so as not to embarrass the recipient, and not to draw attention to herself,” Targgart read.

Andrews is also involved with helping the Howe Fire Department, where her husband Kent and son Nolan are firefighters, providing food and assistance to the firefighters.

Each Christmas, she also works to help up to a dozen families have a bright holiday by purchasing gifts for children to be delivered by Santa.

Andrews helps when illness strikes her neighbors, transporting them to doctors and hospitals, sitting with them while they wait, or just being there for them. “Described as being the first to come and the last to leave, she has secured a tender spot in the hearts and minds of so many in her community,” Targgart read.