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Seven projects included in grant proposal

Seven road and bridge projects are included in the package prepared by County Engineer Sarah Farlow for the 2017-2018 Community Crossing road grant proposal. Proposals are due at the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Friday of this week.

This year’s awards are expected to be known by the end of August. The projects must be under contract by April 15, 2018.

Farlow said that there are three bridge projects included in the package. Those are:

·         Bridge #31, located on CR 100W south of SR 120, resurface top, estimated at $170,100;

·         Bridge #33, located on CR 675W south of Scott, resurface top, estimated at $207,900; and

·         Bridge #57 located on CR 425S west of 1100E, new structure, estimated at $388,500.

    Road projects include:

·         Microsurfacing CR 600N from CR 375E to CR 950E at an estimated cost of $294,215;

·         Turning from gravel to tar on CR 100N from CR 500E to SR 3, estimated at $100,006;

·         Level paving on CR 250W from CR 50N to CR 100S, estimated at $115,138; and

·         Level paving on CR 400W from CR 100E to ½ mile east, at an estimated cost of $50,400.

    Total estimated costs for the projects are $1,330,873. Last year INDOT accepted all the projects presented by LaGrange County. It is expected that the competition for grant funds will be greater this year and that perhaps all proposed projects will not be accepted.