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MEC gets okay on site plan

Representatives for the Michiana Event Center (MEC) received a positive recommendation from members of the LaGrange County Plat Committee for a revised site plan Thursday morning.

The revised plan shows the addition of a 1½-acre area at the south end of the property which will be used to better accommodate collection of groundwater prior to discharge from the property. In addition, it includes a revised road development plan for the north side of the property extending to SR 5.

The recommendation was made with the provisions that the MEC provide a letter of credit or bond for the road improvements demanded by the plan commission and a design plan for a left-turn lane off of SR 5 onto Farver Street (CR 200N).

Only three members of the plat committee remained at the end of the meeting to attach the provisions and pass the item on to the county plan commission. Those members were Rex Pranger, Terry Holsinger and Al Garcia.

Other site plans either approved or sent to the plan commission with positive recommendations included:

A proposal from Lennard Ag Company at 0450W 750N to add two buildings of 17,600 sq. ft. each for the storage of potatoes.

A request from Jacob and Ruby Hochstetler of 3240N 200W for a 7,260 sq. ft. barn to raise calves.

A request from Alvin and Inez Beechy of 5355W 400S to make two additions to buildings at A.J.’s Furniture, totaling 12,000 sq. ft. for furniture manufacturing.

Also for Floyd and Wanda Bontrager of 8535W 300S to construct two 8,241 sq. ft. buildings to accommodate 2,200 wean to finish pigs each.

A proposed 3,600 sq. ft. addition to an existing woodworking business for Melvin and Marla Lehman at 1185S 900W. The Lehmans will need to rework their plans somewhat to allow more room for truck turn-around space.