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Man sought following domestic incident

On February 8, officers from the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department responded to a residence in the 7000S block of CR 1000E regarding a family violence complaint.

Officers found that around 3 p.m. that day, Joshua Williams contacted Rebecca Williams and advised her that he was coming over to her residence, in violation of a personal protective order.

According to the report, Joshua kicked a locked door in and made entry into the residence. Rebecca grabbed a baseball bat to defend herself, which Joshua was able to take away from her. Rebecca then grabbed a firearm which was also taken away from her. Joshua then held Rebecca down and threatened to end his own life. He then fled the scene. This incident took place in the presence of children.

Officers were unable to locate Joshua Williams after he fled.

This matter has been forwarded to the LaGrange County Prosecutor’s Office for review and consideration of charges. This matter is still under investigation at this time.