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Major Moves Committee says ‘yes’ to several requests

At their Monday meeting, members of the LaGrange County Major Moves Committee said “yes” to the LaGrange County Regional Utility District’s request for $1.7 million to extend sewer service into the unincorporated town of Howe. The only remaining hurdle for the grant to become a reality is the affirmative action of the combined commissioners-council meeting set for Tuesday, Sept. 12.

At that meeting a super majority (eight of 10) must vote in favor of the resolution with at least two county commissioners voting in the affirmative.

The favorable vote by this committee has historically carried a huge impact with the entire body of decision makers. Members of the committee include LaGrange County Council members Steve McKowen and Jeff Brill, County Commissioner Dennis Kratz, and County Auditor Kay Myers.

Major Moves Committee members also gave a positive nod to the request for $57,580 from the Stroh Fire Department (through Milford Township) for turnout gear. A request from the Mongo Fire Department (through Springfield Township) for $143,100 for turnout gear and air equipment was approved up to $100,000.

South Milford Community League (through Milford Township) asked for $50,000 for an upgrade to a building at the park. The upgrade would be for a permanent building with restrooms and storage room for maintenance equipment. Major Moves Committee members referred this request to the LaGrange County EDIT Committee.