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Lakeland looks at high school courses

Lakeland’s school board heard about proposed courses from high school principal Anthony Harl.

Harl went through some of the changes from renaming Student Publications to Student Media, to what courses would be added and removed.

Three classes will be added to “meet the needs created by changes in requirements for students earning a Certification of Completion,” the board was told. These will include: composition, environmental studies, and current health issues.

Four classes will be added under teacher proposals:

Music History and Appreciation and Music Theory and Composition, added if there are not enough students who request Jazz Band.

Film Literature as an English elective for juniors or seniors.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Digital Electronics as an option to the school’s engineering sequence.

To support struggling math students, the school will add Math 10 for sophomores who struggle in Algebra 1 and are not yet ready to move onto Geometry, and Algebra 1 Lab for incoming freshmen who struggled with math in middle school.

New state guidelines require the addition of Ethics Studies and Indiana Studies.

Physical Education II and Health and Wellness will be listed as an integrated course.

Four classes, Advanced Business, Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics, Advanced Manufacturing I, and Art Appreciation, will be removed.

Harl told the board that it is becoming more difficult for the school to offer dual credits due to the state requirements.

The board waived second reading of the course changes.

The board also approved the school bus bids. The district will purchase three 78-passenger buses for $320,000. Transportation director Chris Blaize told the board that the new buses will see a 5-8 percent increase in fuel economy.