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LaGrange residents seek answers

A number of people from the Northwood Property Owners’ Association attended the LaGrange Town Board meeting Monday evening. They were seeking additional information on questions that have surfaced since their meeting two weeks ago concerning annexation.

Kathy Miller, a spokesman for the group, told Town Board members that the association has held two meetings since the last Town Board meeting (July 17).  She asked for clarification on when water and sewer would be in place.

Town Board Member Ray Hoover told her that further investigation since last meeting when they were told it would be five years, indicates that all city services, which would include water, sewer, street lights, etc., must be in place within three years.

Hoover also confirmed that all costs for the infrastructure would be a Town of LaGrange responsibility. “Preliminary estimates are that costs for water service will be about $200,000 and for sewer $250,000.

Individual costs for a water hook-up will be in the area of $1500 to $2000, not more than $3000, and that includes everything…  excavating, pipe, fittings, etc. He indicated that everyone would be required to hook-up to the city services.

The sewer connection fee is $125 and homeowners are responsible for the excavating. Both water and sewer can be in the same trench.

In addition, there is a $50 deposit for both water and sewer that is applied to the last user bill.

Someone at the meeting said that the LaGrange County Youth Center wants to build a building at the Spreuer Park, but they will not be allowed to build until the area is annexed.

It was noted that there are a few (four or five) properties within the boundrys of St. Rd. 9, Old Road 9 and Industrial Parkway that are not in the Northwood Addition. These properties will be annexed also as a part of this package. It was noted that three of these properties currently have town water and sewer service.

Town Manager Mark Eagleson noted that 51% of the property owners need to favor the annexation for the project to move forward. “This is a friendly annexation. I’m sure the town is not going to fight to get these people into the town. Do we want them?? Absolutely, we want to grow the Town, but we aren’t going to spend a huge amount of money to gain a few acres. We’ve advised them to meet with the County Helth Officer and see exactly what the options are, then act accordingly. (Al) Garcia has said there can be no repairs or replacement for septic systems in Northwood because central sewer disposal is available within the prescribed distance,” he said.



Fire Chief Dave Elick asked that two firemen be allowed to attend a free fire pump training school at the Darley plant in Chippewa Falls, Wisc. His request was granted. Chief Elick also said that hose testing is complete except for the five-inch hose. That will be tested soon.

Pump tests for Trucks 11, 12, and 14 will be done soon and Ladder Truck 14 will be re-certified.

Town Marshall Rich Snyder said that the FBI has become involved in the last major drug stop made by his department. He also indicated there is considerable interest in the full-time officer position that is currently open. “Most of these guys are looking for benefits, are through the academy and have three to five years experience,” he continued.

The curbing on High Street should be completed this week. Hoover said the street needs to be milled and repaved from Michigan to Lake Street as soon as the town can get to the project.

Town Manager Eagleson reported that a large Pine tree in the cemetery, which was damaged by high winds, will be taken down by Everage Tree Service at a cost of $700. He also noted the emergency sirens should be delivered in six to eight weeks. One will be located at the northwest corner of Greenwood Cemetery and the other at the LaGrange Town Hall. The project is expected to cost the Town $21,000 with the balance covered by a grant in the amount of $54,000.

Eagleson also asked that the town approve closing streets around the courthouse October 25, from 5 to 7 p.m., for a LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department Halloween Event. The request was granted.