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Job fair at LaGrange American Legion open to everyone

Since opening their new office in mid-July, Linking Michiana has been working closely with employers to organize a Fall Job Fair at LaGrange American Legion Post 215 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept 21. The Legion is located at 100 Industrial Parkway in LaGrange.

Whether a job seeker is looking for a new full-time job with benefits, a part-time job while the children are in school, or something seasonal to earn extra income for the holidays, this hiring event will have numerous opportunities for the community to explore! Employers will be very enthusiastic to share their knowledge about their industry along with opportunities and growth options within their company.

Attendees of all ages are welcome. Don’t be shy or afraid to speak to any of the hiring managers, because they are looking forward to meeting everyone! Representatives will attend to be social, answer questions, provide detailed information, and guide prospects through the hiring process.

It will be most helpful to come prepared with several résumé copies, a notepad and pen for taking notes, dress attractively to make a good first impression, and bring a friend for moral support.  

Linking Michiana, created and owned by Maria Miller, is a referral service for employers and a resource for job seekers. Their office is located at 221 S. Detroit Street in downtown LaGrange.

The relationships Linking Michiana establishes with employers derive from the services they offer: Referral service, open interviews, and local and in-house hiring events.

“What sets us apart from anyone else in our field is we don’t treat our people like clients,” said Miller. “We welcome them in our office as neighbors and friends. Our first priority are the people in our community, which helps us cultivate relationships with employers.”

Linking Michiana has been helping people in local and neighboring communities for nearly seven years. With steadfast sincerity and commitment, they have been assisting job seekers with finding employment; guiding them through the application and hiring process; assisting and consulting with resumes; and giving their time for moral support.

For more information on upcoming events and details about Linking Michiana, visit or email LinkingMichiana@