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HR committee approves ICE positions

Members of the LaGrange County Human Resources (HR) Committee approved one request and tabled another request until budget time at their Monday morning meeting.

A request from Prosecuting Attorney Greg Kenner to restore a line item to the prosecutor’s budget from previous years was approved.

Kenner explained that previously his office has utilized up to two Inter-Cooperative Education (ICE) students to supplement the staff in his office. The line item in the amount of $4,000 was eliminated in this year’s budget.

“We use these students to assist with receptionist duties and to scan items into our electronic filing system,” he explained. ICE students typically work up to 15 hours a week at a rate of $7.50 per hour.

HR officials approved restoring the budget as requested.

A request to change the rules for a sign erection person at the county highway department was tabled until budget time later this summer. Highway Superintendent Randy VanWagner had requested the position be allowed a take-home vehicle.

Under county policy, employees with a take-home vehicle are required to pay taxes on the $750 a year benefit.

HR committee members requested that representatives from both the prosecuting attorney’s office and county clerk’s office be present at their July meeting to discuss changes taking place in processes and procedures that affect both offices.

Members of the HR committee present at Monday’s meeting includes Councilmen Charles Ashcraft, George Bachman and Michael Strawser. Neither the commissioners’ representative nor county auditor were present Monday.