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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear Buddy,

Ark Paws and Claws Bookstore are featuring Black history, Valentine, and president’s day the whole month. The Queens of romance will be featured along with faith-based romance, biographies and poetry. Not only presidents but their families will be front and center as readers come in the door. Black history books will include biographies, historical novels, true stories and poetry.

P.S. March is Dr. Suess' birthday and the bookstore would like to feature his books, but they sell out fast! If any of your readers have any to donate we would appreciate it. I have to go; daddy and I are going fill the bird feeders. Patches

Hi Buddy,

You have probably not heard from a dog like me before. You see, I am a spirit dog. I came up here to my eternal home many years ago. But I still keep track of dog activities on earth and when I heard about your book project, I decided to send you some fun stories about me. I am, you understand, a rather unique dog!!

One of my favorite earth activities was hunting rabbits. My humans took me rabbit hunting lots and I almost always stirred up rabbits for them to shoot. In fact, I was so good that friends of my humans would ask to borrow me to go hunting with them. Some of them did not have very good aim and would miss the rabbits that I chased in circles around them. So when I got bored or tired of circling the rabbits for them I would just catch the rabbits and bring them to the unsuccessful hunters. I earned a real reputation for that and was a most popular dog.

In addition to rabbit hunting, another favorite activity of mine was to accompany my humans in any and all treks around the farm where we lived. However, I would get sidetracked by interesting smells and would not always stay with them. And sometimes it would be late in the evening before I would finally come home. This was particularly true when they went fishing on one of the lakes on the farm. So, I got left behind and was temporarily chained up during fishing excursions. One time, though, my chain was not securely fastened and Hooray for me! I got loose and ran all the way to the edge of the lake.

However, I was too late. My humans were already clear out in the middle of the lake! Foolishly, I decided, never mind the distance, I just wanted to be with them. So I jumped in and started to swim. That was not a good plan because it was a big lake and they were a long ways away. I kept them in sight and kept on paddling and finally when I thought I could not put one paw in front of the other-Hallelujah! They saw me. They yelled my name and started the motor and headed toward me. Just as I was going under the netted me with their landing net and hauled me into the boat. I was a mess- soaking wet except for the end of my nose, tops of my long ears and top of my head. I was so exhausted that I could not even wag my tail. I just laid in the bottom of the boat and looked gratefully at them with my appreciative brown eyes. Needless to say, I did not try that again.

Well, gotta go now- time for supper- heavenly hash and creamed carrion are on the menu. I will try to write more later. Keep on being a good dog Buddy.

Your guy in the sky,

 Barkus the Beagle

Hi Friends,

You can see I hit the jackpot again this week, two letters! Thanks Patches and Barkus. It was a rough week for me. I decided when we were in the woods to chase those guys that go moo and when I came back my mom’s favorite green sweater was not with me. I think it got stuck on a stick and presto right off my head it went.

Shush, don’t say anything, but I don’t like it anyway. I know it is good to wear when it is cold, but I love the freedom of the breeze through my hair. I bet I would like riding a Harley!

The stories are coming for the book and are they good. You still have time to get yours written and turned in. P.O. Box 95 Howe, Ind. 46746.

Save the dates of February15 and 16 to do your grocery shopping. Ark will be at Super Value, ready to meet and talk with you. There is some whispering about bones and flowers. Hope to see you then!

Your Friend,