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Details told on road funding

County Engineer Sarah Farlow gave county commissioners details on the recently announced state funding of Community Crossing projects. The grants fund 75 percent of the project costs with local government responsible for the remaining 25 percent. LaGrange County received funding for five of the seven projects submitted.

Three of the projects funded are for bridge projects.

Bridge #57, located on CR 425S west of 1100E, will be replaced and the Community Crossing fund will contribute $391,000 of the cost of replacing the bridge. The remainder of the funding will come from the county bridge fund.

Bridge #31, located on CR 100W south of US 20, will be overlaid with a new surface. Community Crossing will fund $127,500 of this project with the balance coming from the Cumulative Bridge Fund.

Bridge #33, located on CR 675W south of Scott, will also be overlaid. State funding of $155,925 will be used with the balance to come from the bridge fund.

Two road projects were approved. CR 400N will be rebuilt east of CR 100E for ½ mile. State money will cover $41,000 of the cost with the balance in local funds.

The second road project is CR 250W. This road will be resurfaced from CR 50N to CR 100S with state money covering $86,000 of the cost and local funds covering the remaining balance.