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County awards contracts; authorizes lawsuit

LaGrange County Commissioners approved several contracts at their regular meeting Monday. They also authorized County Attorney Kurt Bachman to file a lawsuit against a property owner in LaGrange County who has not paid a fine levied by the county commissioners for a nuisance ordinance violation.

The lawsuit is to be filed against Robert Hicks of 6035S 450E for failure to clear his property of what have been determined as junk vehicles and other debris. It was stated Monday that he has not paid his fine and has been non-responsive to orders to clean up his property.

Commissioner President Larry Miller said that Hicks has been offered help, but has refused to accept the help. The motion to authorize the suit was made by Commissioner Terry Martin and seconded by Miller. The motion passed with Miller and Martin voting in favor and Commissioner Dennis Kratz voting no.

Eventually, if Hicks fails to comply with the order to clean up the property to the satisfaction of Nuisance Officer Don Wisner, the county will most likely own the property. If the county is successful in court, the mounting costs will become a lien on the property and/or be attached as taxes.

The county is also engaged in other nuisance enforcement lawsuits.