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Commissioners recommend up to 3 percent wage increase

County commissioners passed a resolution Monday that county council members consider increasing most county wages up to 3 percent for 2018.

In addition to the 3 percent recommendation, a wage committee has recommended that a specific group of elected officials and department heads be considered for additional increases in 2018. Included in the officeholders that have been recommended to receive additional increases in 2018 are the county auditor, deputy auditor and assessor.

Department heads slated for consideration of additional wage increases in 2018 are the plan commission director, building department and information technology.

LaGrange County Council member George Bachman, who was a part of the wage evaluation committee, commented that, “We are trying to do what is right on wages. We know it cannot all be addressed in one year, so we have selected a group for this year and will consider another group for the following year.” He also noted that the local economy is very robust and that nearly everyone (business owners) in the community is looking for help.

Bachman also applauded the commissioners on the makeup of the technical review committee (TRC). “I don’t know how you could have put together a better board,” he stated. “You selected the president of the county council, president of the board of commissioners, county surveyor, county engineer, director of the plan commission, a professional builder and the chief deputy prosecuting attorney. All very qualified people.”

Commission President Larry Miller commented that the county needs to be more competitive to retain key people.