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Commissioners award bid for reassessment

Bids for cyclical reassessment were received recently and, after review and recommendation from County Assessor Pat Monroe and County Attorney Kurt Bachman, were awarded Monday morning. The successful bidder was Nexus.

    Lexor submitted a lower bid. However, after analysis by the assessor it was determined that the higher bid would be the “lowest and best bid” when all aspects of the proposal were taken into consideration.

    No financial details of the proposals were disclosed at the commissioners meeting. Assessor Monroe noted that while the Nexus bid includes all charges for preparing and defending appeals and for legal services, the Lexor proposal provides for hourly charges for these two items.

    Proposals for the parking lot at the Council on Aging have been received, with prices around $150,000. Depending on the weather, the lot may be paved yet this year. Two things stand in the way of completion before year’s end: there is a need for a “window” of good weather (i.e. no freezing, daytime temperatures above 50 degrees) and just a little bit of money. Funding for the project is under $10,000 short.

    Commissioners approved an agreement with Peterson’s Consultants Services to provide an inventory and appraisal of county infrastructure. Indiana’s State Board of Accounts is asking (demanding) for the report which will list all county roads, bridges, buildings, equipment, vehicles, towers, etc. The first year’s fee will be $14,000 with an annual update fee of $3,000.

    The county will be responsible for listing all items of property with a value of under $5,000 each.

    Technical Review Committee (TRC) Chairman Sarah Farlow told commissioners that the three short-list contractors had met October 25 with three different groups who are the proposed occupants of the new county criminal justice building. The three short-list contractors are Hagerman, Inc., Ft. Wayne; Michael Kinder and Sons, Inc., Ft. Wayne; and Performance Services, Inc., Indianapolis.

    “We (TRC) will meet with and interview all three of these companies at our November 17 meeting,” Farlow said. “After that meeting the process will be turned over to commissioners, who will receive price proposals and results of the reviews at their November 20 meeting.”

    Commissioners could make a selection of the contractor for the criminal justice center project as early as the November 20 meeting or could delay making that decision until the December 4 meeting. After deciding on a contractor, it will be necessary for a contract to be drawn up and agreed upon.

    Concern has been voiced about having the building under contract before the end of the year in order to allow the funds that have been appropriated to be encumbered before the end of the year.