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Candidate filing deadline Friday

Candidates continue to file for area offices. Those who had filed for an elected position as of Thursday morning were (in order of filing):

Kathy Hopper – LaGrange Co. Auditor.

Harold Gingerich – LaGrange Co. Council Dist. 3.

Jeff Campos Sr. – LaGrange Co. Sheriff.

Peter Cook – LaGrange Co. Council Dist. 4.

Greg Kenner – LaGrange Co. Prosecutor.

Richard Muntz – Clay Twp. Advisory Board.

William Pipher – Bloomfield Twp. Trustee.

Peggy Whitlock – Greenfield Twp. Trustee.

John Russell, Johnson Twp. Trustee.

Patricia Monroe – LaGrange Co. Assessor.

J.R. Young – Johnson Twp. Advisory Board.

Debra Notestine – Springfield Twp. Advisory Board.

Danny Young – Milford Twp. Advisory Board.

Bruce Bowman – Milford Twp. Trustee.

Terry Iannarelli – Lima Twp. Trustee.

Joan VanWagner – Johnson Twp. Advisory Board.

Dalonda Young – Johnson Twp. Trustee.

Terry Martin – County Commissioners North Dist.

Dawn Christner – Eden Twp. Trustee.

Zachary Holsinger – LaGrange Co. Surveyor.

Rick Gregg – Lima Twp. Advisory Board.

Becky Wappes – Clay Twp. Advisory Board.

Kenneth Christner – Eden Twp. Advisory Board.

Richard Yoder – Clay Twp. Advisory Board.

Carl Schmidt – Lima Twp. Advisory Board.

Joseph M. Wilcher – Shipshewana Town Council.

Brandie Fitch – Newbury Twp. Trustee.

Miriam Carnahan – Greenfield Twp. Advisory Board.

Kirby Glick – Lima Twp. Trustee.

Charles Ashcraft – LaGrange Co. Council Dist. 4.

William Connelly – Clay Twp. Trustee.

R.D. Wolheter, Milford Twp. Advisory Board.

Carl Stolz, Topeka Town Council.

Daniel Gould, LaGrange Co. Council, Dist. 4.

Rian McMaster, Johnson Twp. Advisory Board.

Daniel Prough, Springfield Twp. Advisory Board.

Melissa Eichelberger, Clearspring Twp. Trustee.

Ryan Riegsecker, County Council, Dist. 2.

Kent Simmons, Eden Twp. Advisory Board.

George Bachman, LaGrange Co. Council Dist. 2.

Sherri Johnston, Springfield Twp. Trustee.

Lila Bowen, Bloomsfield Twp. Advisory Board

Lynn Bontrager, Shipshewana Town Council

Doris Haggard, Clarspring Twp. Trustee Advisory Board

James Mimby, Springfield Twp. Advisory Board

Amy McKowen, Johnson Twp. Advisory Board

Bruce Miller, Van Buren Twp. Trustee

Vicki Mowery, Clearspring Twp. Advisory Board

The deadline to file for candidacy is noon on Friday, Feb. 9.